Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

The Clark County Health Department has been finishing up the process of providing vaccinations for all those who want the shot in the group designated 1A which includes health care workers and residents of long term care facilities in accordance with ACIP guidelines. The amount of vaccine available to us has been limited to one hundred doses per week and the current priority is to provide these individuals with the two vaccinations needed to be fully immunized. We are doing everything possible in conjunction with the major pharmacy companies in the area to best procure the currently limited supply of vaccine while using what is available to best slow the spread to others.

In order to prepare for the next priority group for vaccination designated 1B, which will begin January 18th, our staff have been reaching out to schools, senior citizens, first responders, postal service workers, manufacturing plant and daycare workers to identify those who wish to receive the vaccine. The response from our senior citizens has been great and we are currently experiencing a large number of phone calls to be placed on a list for vaccination. These calls are being returned in the order of which they are received and an assessment completed which would identify age and underlying health issues that assist in prioritizing those in greatest need.

We have every reason to believe that the weekly shipment of vaccine will increase substantially over the course of time as they must if significant numbers of Clark County residents can be protected in a timely manner. In the meantime the best plan for our communities is the continued use of all precautions which can slow the spread. Wear a mask in public to protect those around you as well as yourself. Respect the space of others around you as they may well be more vulnerable and this especially applies to our senior citizens whose value to the community cannot be overstated. A child missing a loved one is not interested in politics so we should all try to suppress ours when making decisions affecting others. That same child may be wearing a mask all day in school and might be encouraged by adults taking similar measures. Be assured that your Clark County Health Department is working harder than ever to help all of our lives return to normal as soon as possible and ask that you help where you can showing patience with our efforts to include all those who want a chance to receive this vaccine.