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The Health Department provides child and adult immunizations. Children vaccines are available through the Vaccines for Children program. We also accept insurances for adult vaccines.

Family Case Management Program

This program assures early access to needed services for pregnant women and children through age 2.

Jail Physicals

Health Department nurses provide a comprehensive assessment of the physical health of Clark County jail inmates on a bi-monthly basis.

Tuberculosis Control

The Health Department conducts Tuberculosis screening and coordinates treatment for persons confirmed with active Tuberculosis. Preventative services are provided for persons who have been exposed to Tuberculosis, but do not have an active disease.

Investigation and Control of Communicable and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The goal of the Communicable Disease program is to reduce illness and death from communicable disease in the community by identifying illness, investigating causes, and recommending actions to prevent transmission and spread.

Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting System Program

Nursing staff visits the homes of all high-risk and premature Clark County infants to provide Case Management services, which include monitoring development and providing referrals for medical evaluation when needed.

Lab Draws

The Health Department contracts with the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System Laboratory. This service is offered for uninsured and under insured Clark County residents upon request of their physician.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy tests are available free of charge.

Lactation Counseling

Certified Lactation Counselors offer breastfeeding counseling for health department clients. Along with information on breastfeeding, nursing staff assists mother with their success in comforting, nurturing, and caring for their infant. A Breastfeeding Peer Counselor is also on staff.

Nail Clipping

Health Department nurses trim nails for those persons who are unable to complete this task. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.